Sunday, February 1, 2009

January 22: Year of the ox ATCs, hither & thither

Have I told you how excited I am about 2009? Officially it's now February 1, which means I'm way behind on posting about fun-a-day (but not behind in the actual project). But it also means I have a whole month of evidence to evaluate whether my faith in 2009 is justified. And the answer so far is yes! (I had a week there where I felt I was losing my grip, and then I figured out that in the grip lies the problem - I don't need a grip, I need to open up and let things happen.)

One of the reasons 2009 is my year is that, by the Chinese zodiac, I'm an Ox. A water ox even, so I'm really in my element. I love the ox attributes (truncated though the are on wikipedia); they are things I either am to the core or aspire to. This being the year of the ox, it seems like the aspirations should be within close reach, and I have the energy to work for them.

Naturally, I joined the Chinese New Year ATC swap! I'm still not keen on ATCs by themselves, but they give me a good excuse to collage, which I am keen on. Partners were supposed to make two ATCs for this swap; one for the ox and one for whatever sign the maker is. I didn't want to send my partner two oxen, so I chose to make a Rat. The year of the Rat will be when the Rats fight back. I think I got the beret wrong (it looked better in the sketches), but the idea is there.

Here are the ones I received (nifty 3D effect of the main elements only slightly detectable in the photos), with a genuine Year of the Ox card I like as much as the ATCs:

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David Firepig said...

"During Earth Ox years, the accent is on obedience and hard work. That gigantic stone which hurtled crazily back down the mountain last year must be replaced up there atop the mountain by the end of 2009"
This is the prediction for the Ox year!
You can find more detail about yourself here: