Sunday, February 1, 2009

Incoming: Glucksschwein (good luck pig)

I had a lot of hopes for this swap. I love how smart, loving and resourceful pigs are, and this swap was supposed to bring me a year's worth of good luck in the form of a pig. But I'm not certain what to do with either of these things. The sender said she fell in love with the pig when she saw it, and it's nice that she'd send me something she loves. But it doesn't really speak to me (some people might think that's a good thing). It just sits there and looks at me with an accusatory expression.

Maybe it recognizes itself in me a little bit. Maybe it sees my potential to sit and do nothing myself, just collecting dust (it's my job to sweep & mop the common areas of my house, so that can be taken literally). And it's asking me, "Hey, I have thin skin, no guts, and rusty nails for kneeless legs; what's your excuse?" I think it's telling me that luck won't come roll in the mud with me if I don't open open the pig pen for it. No, I still haven't cleaned my room. But when I do I'll put this pig somewhere where it'll remind me every day to use my smarts, love and resourcefulness.

The canned ham recipe I'm definitely not using.

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adele3481 said...

I was actually looking for a uique pig to give to my cousin for xmas as she loves pigs and came across yours. Sounds like the relationship between you and your pig is going south lol. If you want him/her off your hands let me know your price. Also send size and more about it if you can. My email is